The Wedding Ceremony of Ash and Kendra Rhodes

Friends, family, loved ones.  We have come here on this day of the Sun and in 
this unholy heat to bring together and bind to each other our dear friends, 
Daniel Thomas Ashton Rhodes and Kendra Ann Kesterson.

I have known and been friends with Ash (Daniel to many of you) for so long that 
we consider ourselves brothers rather than merely friends.  He and I have 
discussed so many times how marriages are more than just the big things.  More 
than kids and vacations and "in sickness and in health."  A marriage is also the 
little things.  It is never letting your spouse leave the house looking like 
they're homeless.  It's always knowing her favourite ice cream flavour and his 
favourite TV series.  It's always making sure that they get home OK when they've 
had too much Grey Goose . . . OR Jameson's . . . or watching where they step 
each day to make sure they don't slip and fall.  It's the little things that 
truly make a marriage.

Ash is lucky to have found Kendra, just as Kendra is lucky to have found Ash.  
Perfect compliments to each other.

Take this ring and repeat after me:  "Here is my Heart.  Guard it well."

Take this ring and repeat after me:  "A vila mon Coeur.  Gardi li mo."

Let us live, my love Lesbia, and love,
and value at one penny
all the talk of withered old men.
Suns will set and again rise
when for us the brief light has set
remains yet to be slept the sleep of one unbroken night.
Give to me a thousand kisses, then a hundred.
Then another thousand, then a second hundred,
Then yet a thousand, then a hundred.
Then, when we have made up many thousands,
Let us confound the counting, that we may not know the reckoning,
Nor any wicked person curse us with their ill will,
When he knows that our kisses are so many.

And now, by the power vested in me by the State of Arizona, the First Amendment 
of the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Internet, I now 
pronounce you Husband and Wife.

You may kiss the Bride.