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All the inside jokes and references you could shake a stick at.

As you folks may have noticed, there were more than a few rather obscure parts of the wedding without much of an explanation. Well, I'm here now to explain those to you.

The Ceremony - There are a few things from the ceremony which were a bit "inside." The first that came along was that you may have noticed Kendra "grooming" Ash. The idea for that actually came after the one that followed when we decided to have her step into some shoes. We always knew we wanted Kendra to walk down the aisle barefoot, but we figured she'd need shoes eventually. We thought it would be cool to work in her getting them somehow. Ash just wanted to be straightened up too. Because he's a child (as you may have guessed, all of the other references around there were accurate too. Kendra loves her Jameson's just like Ash loves his Grey Goose. And they both can easily tell you each others' changing ice cream flavours and will sit through each others' guilty pleasure TV shows . . . with varying levels of grace).

The Ring Exchange - Posey rings have been exchanged by lovers in a variety of countries and languages (but notably in Medieval and Renaissance France, the "birthplace" of Romantic love). One of the more popular sayings to have inscribed is "a vila mon coeur gardi li mo" which translates to "Here is my heart, guard it well." This was our exchanging of vows and is what is inscribed inside of Ash's ring. We're currently planning on getting Kendra a posey ring as her wedding band with the same thing inscribed.

The Poem - Catullus was a Roman poet who lived around 60 BCE and is famous to this day mostly for his poems addressed to his lover, Lesbia. Quinque (Five), is below and at the VERY beginning of our relationship, Kendra sent one of the lines (in the original Latin) to Ash. Unbeknownst to her, Ash had to translate the entire poem when he took Latin and so was able to respond immediately. He retranslated the entire thing for her (it took him a bit of time. But he didn't have to look up any words. OK, a few words. OK, a lot), but he sites that poem as one of the reasons he was able to convince Kendra he was worth her time.

Let us live, my love Lesbia, and love,
and value at one penny
all the talk of withered old men.
Suns will set and again rise
when for us the brief light has set
remains yet to be slept the sleep of one unbroken night.
Give to me a thousand kisses, then a hundred.
Then another thousand, then a second hundred,
Then yet a thousand, then a hundred.
Then, when we have made up many thousands,
Let us confound the counting, that we may not know the reckoning,
Nor any wicked person curse us with their ill will,
When he knows that our kisses are so many.
(translation errors are my own - Link to original Latin and also a link to the full ceremony here)

Everything Else - After all of that in just the ceremony, the rest is kindof small. But here you go.

The Cupcakes - What? Cupcakes are AWESOME. Also? Kendra is *horrifically* addicted. Like she has clothing dedicated to it. Kinda weird. Then the mousse in the middle is chocolate orange because Ash's unholy adoration for chocolate oranges make's Kendra's thing for cupcakes look like a passing fancy. So there you go. Also? The cake topper? Yeah, she's a turtle, he's a bear. If you've not already seen those traits, next time you hang out with them, look for it. It's actually a little creepy.

The Wedding Favors - The Nerd Jellybeans are similarly just amazingly amazing. They are sold in little packages at Ash's work, and he used to bring them to Kendra to snack on. The descent into addiction is the OTHER thing which he thinks has allowed him to snag her. It was only fitting they show up at the wedding.

The Trees *EVERYWHERE* - Actually, that was just kindof an accident. It started out just as a graphic to put on the wedding invitations. Ash liked it and Kendra approved it. Then when we nailed down the location and it turned out to be under this tree which had bloomed so large, plus we found all this mini trees, PLUS plus we found custom stamps for cheap with an R in it . . . well . . . it all came together!

That's about all we have. We both hope you guys had a really great time. We certainly did! AS A SIDE NOTE: We could not have pulled this wedding off without the help of three basic groups of people; the Rhodes family (Ash's folks/brother/sister), the Kesterson family (Kendra's whole clan), and the entirety of A HUGE portion of the cooler stuff you saw at our wedding came either from local vendors or from small and independent vendors on If you took a fancy to ANYTHING, please let us know. We'd be SO happy to help any of them out!!