Ash & Kendra are getting married!
What was that?!
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On the subject of generosity.

We are unfortunately not registered at a single place. I know, right? How awful.

Have YOU ever tried combining two households into a smallish condo? Did YOU need more stuff?

So, if you really feel you NEED to bring a gift (you don't have to), then you can tote along a card with a check or some cash in it. We hope to take a delayed, though much-needed, honeymoon some time in either the summer or November and would appreciate whatever assistance you would like to provide!

I've also been told that I MUST provide some way for people who cannot attend to send us something. So. If you won't be able to make it on the 1st and would like to send along a gift, you can mail it to Ash and Kendra at:

1265 S. Aaron
Mesa, AZ 85209