Ash & Kendra are getting married!
What was that?!
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This is long, but Ash wrote it, so what do you expect?

Like any good story, ours starts with two young people in love. If only they were Ash and Kendra. No, it is in fact Ash and one of his (perhaps too many) ex-girlfriends, Bethany. Bethany used to work with Kendra and they kept in touch via the FaceSpace and the MyTweets and all those other newfangled things. Ash would frequently find Bethany giggling to her phone like a crazy person and whenever he asked her why, she would always reply that her friend Kendra had said something funny again.

Eventually Ash had to see what all of the hype was about and friended Kendra on Twitter. Sure enough the woman was hilarious. So much so that he actually was a bit intimidated by her wit. Despite this, when he and Bethany broke up, he stayed friends with Kendra via the interwebz and continued chatting. When he saw that Kendra's daughter, Micaela, was going to be working the Renaissance Festival that year, he was thrilled to get the chance to actually meet this funny lady. This chance came on the day before his 30th birthday when Kendra announced that she would be going to Faire rehearsals. Despite his disdain for such activities, Ash rushed to the event to get a look at this chick who had been making him literally laugh out loud for so many months.

Wow. He was sold (Bethany would later comment that she thought Ash had fallen for Kendra sight-unseen while they had still been together . . . she may have been right, but if not, he certainly fell at least a little bit when he saw her that first night in that dingy elementary school cafeteria). And sure enough, the intimidation factor which he feared was indeed in full effect and the first impression that he gave was apparently that he disliked Kendra because he was so flustered. Whoops. But happily the young couple got past that little hiccup because over the weeks and months that followed they managed to develop a real life normal friendship. Eventually that blossomed further into something more and they began dating.

Then, late in 2010, Ash asked Kendra if she would be his wife. Of course the timing was AWFUL because she was in the middle of going crazy(ier) getting things ready for the next year of the same Arizona Renaissance Festival at which they had gotten to know each other so well, however she still gritted her teeth and said yes. And so, at 10am on 1st May 2011, Kendra Ann Kesterson Mosler will marry Daniel Thomas Ashton Rhodes.

May god have mercy on their souls.